Wall Street, Kingston, rated top 10 among greatest streets in America

 Great Streets of America // Kingston, NY

Wall Street in Kingston makes top 10 list for Greatest Streets of America.

The American Planning Association said Kingston's no stranger to adversity and that it's reinvented itself several times over the past 350-plus years.

"Wall Street is a mixture of past and present, where historic buildings meet contemporary needs," 

"Evolving block by block, the thoroughfare is at the center of the commercial, political, cultural and religious activities that shape daily life in Kingston."  

Taken from ABC News. 2012

Mayor Shayne Gallo says: "It recognizes Kingston's streetscape, its blue stone, historical pride, as well as the architecture. Which is really a drawl for people to want to come in, for tourism. Also, to move into a community,"

Read more at YNN. 2012


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