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Kingston, ny

Welcome to Kingston Weekender, your premiere destination for what’s happening in Kingston, New York. Odds are, if you’re here, you’ve heard of Kingston – a deceptively quiet city only about 90 minutes away from New York City itself. Because, as quiet as it is, there’s a lot happening in this picturesque town.

If you’ve not been, imagine an amazing combination of not only sections of brick and cobblestone streets, but NYC quality restaurants, bars, and nightlife. Imagine a break from the city complete with hiking trails, walk-ways, parks, swimming holes and beaches, without ever having to give up the best parts of the city.

But if you’re not in the know, you soon will be. Kingston Weekender is your local guide featuring articles focused on restaurants and dining, shopping, real estate, and businesses in the Kingston.

Find your new favorites, and breathe in some crisp Upstate air. Kingston is waiting for you!

So, play, explore, click around.